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Experiments and Exercises

In order to learn architecture, students must not only acquire specialized knowledge through lectures. They must also be trained in how to apply that knowledge in various ways. To achieve that, this department provides various experiment and exercise courses.

Planning Excercises

Architectural Design and Drawing

Courses available in the first year include Design Workshop 1 and 2, which aim to develop facility in design and modeling, and Basic Design 1 and 2 where students improve their basic drawing and model fabrication skills for architectural design. These courses provide basic preparation for Architectural Design and Drawing, which begins in the second year. Students are also challenged with appropriate exercise assignments in Building Construction Exercise and other highly specialized courses. In Section 1 Design and Discussion Planning (elective/required) in the second semester of the third year, students work on design and exercise assignments as comprehensive exercises in the planning field.

Environment Experiments and Exercises

Graduation research &  Project

The purpose here is to use experiment and exercise assignments to develop a more solid understanding of the principles of building environments learned in lectures. Another aim is to connect with education in basic skills for conducting research and real-world design in the future. From the upper left, the photos show: explanation of computer simulation of house ventilation, actual measurement of the outward airflow of an air-conditioning system, hands-on training in the movement of radiated heat using thermography, and a scene of actually measuring an indoor thermal environment.

Structure Experiments and Exercises

Structure Experiments and Exercise

Students take Experiment and Exercise of Building Structure and Materials (required) in the first semester of their third year. The aim of this course is to develop a deeper understanding through experiment of the previously studied content of subjects relating to structural mechanics and building structural materials. Field exercises are conducted at architectural sites outside the university. In Experiment and Exercise of Division 3 (elective/required), taken by students in the second semester of their third year, they conduct experiments with even more sophisticated and specialized content, and they are also trained in writing technical reports and making oral presentations.

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