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Graduation research & Project

This is a required specialized course, and in this department particular emphasis is placed on this course as the culmination of studies and research at the university. In the fourth year, all students are assigned to a laboratory, but there are two approaches: Program α where students work on graduation research in the first semester and their graduation project in the second semester, and Program β where they work on graduation research throughout the year. Students select one of these programs in consultation with the advisor in the laboratory to which they belong. Graduation research is a course where each student can fully show his or her abilities based on direct guidance by their instructor, and is also an opportunity to learn research methods firsthand. In a graduation project, the student produces a finished work showcasing all of his or her skills, based on an independently conceived plan.

2012 Graduation Projects

Taku Takahashi

Daiki Takeyama

Kanako Honda

Kotaro Tahata

Ryuta Nomura

Akihiko Shimizu

Takahiro Tani

2011 Graduation Projects

Keisuke Noda

Hiroyuki Namiki

Kim Sagwan

Hiroshi Ota

Yuta Yoneda

2010 Graduation Projects

Takashi Owada

Kazuhiro Tobe

Ryuju Hanaoka

Atsushi Yamanaka

Sawako Okazaki

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